3D Modeling, Now for Designers

Announced today during the keynote for MAX 2016, Adobe’s annual user conference: Project Felix is a new app that reinvents three-dimensional modeling so that it’s comprehensible to—and, more importantly, useful for—graphic designers. Not only does it allow you to quickly apply materials and shading to models, it also allows you to easily place that model inside a photo with automatic perspective and lighting correction, so that the effect is seamless. The user interface looks like this (though you can also turn on a dark mode— why would you ever do that?!?):

User Interface for Project Felix

Felix solves a real problem that typically 3D-averse designers (most of us) have always had—being able to give visual form to physical objects we see in our heads without having to resort to the vagaries of traditional 3D modeling software. It’s a problem that, as a designer, I never imagined anyone would want to solve for me; but it’s fantastic that those kinds of assumptions are changing. Design tools aren’t just getting more numerous, they’re also starting to address problems that have been overlooked for many years.

Read the announcement at blogs.adobe.com. TechCrunch also has a writeup at techcrunch.com .