Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business Ranking

Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business, 2019

Somehow this happened: I’ve been included in Fast Company’s 2019 ranking of The Most Creative People in Business. This is largely based on the work I did to bring voice features to Adobe XD last year, making XD the first and only design tool that actually allows designers to work in the dimension of voice. (You can read about that in this announcement from last fall. And if you want to learn more about voice and design, I still think this interview with Mark Webster of Sayspring that I did in 2017 is a roadmap for the future.)

I’m incredibly humbled by the whole thing but I have to say it’s directly a function of the rich culture for innovation at Adobe. I’ve said before that the reason I work there is that, as the only multibillion dollar professional creativity company in the world, Adobe allows people like me to work on problems that no other company would even be interested in, much less realize the potential of. It’s an honor to get this recognition, but I’m only one of many, many people at Adobe who are frankly having the time of our lives reimagining what professional creativity can be.

You can read the write-up about me in Fast Company’s ranking at Also, note that I’m one slot ahead of actor and icon Michelle Pfeiffer. I can’t tell you how good it feels to finally have an edge in my years-long rivalry with Michelle Pfeiffer.