Harping About Recycling An exclusive post from the Subtraction.com newsletter

Whenever I write posts like today’s about recycling, or when I talk about the subject in real life, I get the feeling that most people just aren’t interested, that they find it to be silly. And if they don’t scoff at it outright, then they demonstrate that indifference through their actions—through their use of plastic silverware, through their consumption of bottled water, through their indiscriminate disposal of non-recyclable materials alongside recyclable materials in public bins, and more. Most of us, it seems, aren’t interested at all in reducing waste because it would present even the slightest inconveniences. I don’t get that attitude at all, given how serious the consequences of consumption are. If you can explain it to me, and maybe offer some ideas on how to get people to be more aware, I’d be grateful.

Sorry to be such a bummer! But cheers from New York,