Looking Back at Two Posts An exclusive post from the Subtraction.com newsletter

In a way today’s post is a kind of sequel to an unexpectedly popular post I wrote back in January called “Two Different Kinds of Illustration.” They’re both about the use of that most human of modes of expression—drawing—in the world of product design. And they’re also about how most everybody does it wrong except Apple. If you’re a skeptic of that company, my apologies—but in this case, at least, it’s really true!

Speaking of old posts, back in March I wrote a post asking “Why Doesn’t Every Notes App Work Like Agenda?” If you read it, you might recall that Momenta B.V.’s Agenda app does something unique: it lets you link the notes you take to events on your calendar. That just happens to be exactly the way I like to take notes. Alas, I couldn’t switch to Agenda then because it was Mac only and I need to be able to take notes on my iPhone and iPad too, at least. Well imagine how happy I was to be invited to join the beta program for Agenda for iOS today! So far it works great, syncs beautifully, and faithfully reproduces the great features in the desktop version. I’m not just saying this to lord it over you, though. Rather I wanted to give you a heads up that Agenda for iOS is coming really soon. Best of all, it’s free to use, including the cross-device syncing. Get excited.

Cheers from New York,