How to Design a Conference An exclusive post from the newsletter

I often say that I get to do things at Adobe that I wouldn’t get to do anywhere else. Today’s post about the company’s Design Summit this past summer is a case in point. In it I mention the uniqueness of a company investing so much in bringing so many designers together to talk about so many different aspects of design.

But the planning of the event itself was a whole other kind of experience. I was part of the team that figured out the structure of the event, the themes we would focus on, and the roster of speakers. It was a major undertaking and it gave me a new appreciation for the work of those who plan design conferences year in and year out. It really is design on a whole different level; not just the design of the space and of the graphics, but the design of content and speakers and their juxtaposition, and the design of time both on stage and during down periods between speakers. I can’t even pretend to be at the level of a professional event planner, but what a blast to try my hand at it.