More on Podcasting An exclusive post from the newsletter

Today’s post wraps up the first season of “Wireframe.” Creating this show was easily one of my favorite experiences of the year. It also underscored for me how fond I am of podcasting in general. If you haven’t already read it yet, this New Yorker article on the evolution of the form is fascinating. Podcasting is already a decade or so old and yet it’s still so young, and will change so much in the next ten years.

In my post I also mention how happy I am about the new version of the Pocket Casts app for iOS. I’ve long been frustrated by the choices in this space. I’m a longtime user of Apple Podcasts because I’m so fond of its queue feature, but it’s far from perfect. Most other podcast apps have struck me as not particularly attractive. But Pocket Casts has a queue feature that actually makes perfect sense, and it’s beautifully designed.

Before switching to Pocket Casts, I toyed with Castro which is actually very nice, but its model for organizing and queuing episodes never quite clicked with me. Pro tip: as my kids have gotten more and more interested in podcasts like “Wow in the World” and “Story Pirates,” I’ve taken to using a second podcast app exclusively for kids’ content. So when we’re in the car and they want to hear one of their shows, instead of disrupting the flow of my queue in Pocket Casts, I just switch over to Castro and play from there.

And that’s the kind of invaluable tip you’ll only get from a newsletter like this.

Cheers—and happy thanksgiving in the USA!