Grieving for FilmStruck An exclusive post from the newsletter

Somehow I wrote two posts today. That doesn’t happen very often. The first is a quick update on the latest episode of my podcast “Wireframe.” This one is about augmented reality and what it will take for us all to start wearing AR glasses.

The second one took me a while to write. In it, I say farewell to FilmStruck, the streaming movie service that’s shutting down at the end of this month. I was grief-stricken by that news. The service has been a true source of great joy for me for two years, an indispensable part of my life. Its demise has been hard to come to grips with.

But today I sat down and sort of forced myself to finish writing this post, maybe in hopes of distracting me from the anxiety and tension of the midterm elections. I’m writing this at the very end of the day so the results just aren’t clear yet. By the time you read this tomorrow, we could be living in a world not just where great film is harder than ever to access, but also one in which our politics will seem even grimmer than they already are yesterday. Ack, sorry! Maybe I ought to go watch a good movie.